ID Checker decodes every Drivers License starting 2010

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Published: 23rd November 2010
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The Year of the ID Checker

This year marks an important and vital milestone in the history of ID Checkers. As of January 2010, all new drivers' licenses and state IDs created in the United States and Canada have personal data that can be read by commercially available ID Checkers. Before 2010, Georgia and Quebec Province were the only two jurisdictions in the region without readable information.

On February 27, 2009 Quebec Province issued a new ID with a 2D barcode. Before Quebec modernized, the drivers license had a simple 1D barcode with no name or adress information encoded in the bar code.The new 2D barcode will contain an expanded set of information that adds name, gender and address to the drivers data. The expanded information can be a crucial tool for age verification. When the information is displayed in an ID card reader, the clerk or bartender has the ability to visually compare the information printed on the front of the card with the information stored in the card.

Following Quebec's lead, in September 2009 Georgia issued a new driver's license with an unencrypted 2D bar code. ID scanners that can read 2D bar codes can now extract the data saved on the new Georgia ID card and display it on the ID checker for age verification. Previously issued Georgia drivers licenses will remain active until their expiration dates, at which time they will be exchanged for one of the new cards. Georgia predicts the newly designed cards will help to combat fraud and will help to prevent forgeries.With the addition of Quebec and Georgia, every States and Provinces now have drivers licenses with either 2D bar codes or magnetic stripes that are readable by an ID card scanner. This is an significant evolution in the battle against underage drinking and smoking, as well as against fraudulent licenses, because it allows the most effective ID scanning technology to be used in age verification. Before the advent of magnetic stripes and 2D bar codes, ID Checkers used OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology read to read information printed on a license. OCR machines basically take a picture of the license and use software to interpret and decode the characters. The decoded data often has typos or small mistakes due to the inherent lack of error correction present with OCR. That is why reading the machine readable data elements like the bar code produce more accurate and reliable results. More importantly, OCR does not aid the attendant confirm that the details written on the Drivers License corresponds the data encoded on the 2D bar code / magnetic stripe because it uses the printed information on the front of the ID.

The latest generation of Driver License Checkers are the most reliable and convenient way to read the information stored on an ID card for age verification. These commercially available Driver License Scanners contain both 2D bar code and magnetic stripe scanning mechanisms. These ID scanners read the information programmed into the card and display it without the errors possible with OCR. Note: While OCR can make small mistakes when reading licenses, it normally will return some data whereas magnetic stripes can be totally unreadable if damaged. ID Scanner extract the date of birth information off the license, and by knowing the date, calculate the age and then warn if under age. Additionally they warn if the ID is expired and display the name on the display so the operator can ensure the name in the data stripe matches what is printed on the front of the ID. ManyID card scanners also store this information for use in an affirmative action defense against citations and fines.

In Late 2009, Driver License Checkers can read licenses produced by all US state and Canadian province without depending upon finicky OCR solutions. For a business that offers age regulated products like liquor or tobacco, or age-regulated services like lottery tickets or gambling, an ID card reader that is capable of reliably reading the information on an ID is a vital investment. The ID Checker era is here!

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